PAUA Home-based Educator Tax

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The Educator tax app allows self-employed Educators enrolled with PAUA Early Childhood Home Based Service (or other Home-Based Early Childhood Services in New Zealand) work out and calculate end of year tax, or during the year to work out how much to put away for payment. This unique and easy to use app from PAUA allows self-employed Educators who work under the Licensing Criteria providing childcare in their own homes to work through the steps to calculate their own tax.

All you need to work out your end of year tax with this app is:
-The total number of childcare hours you provided for the past year
-The number of weeks that you provided care over the year
-The rate you have charged for the care
-The total amount that you have been paid over the year (WINZ, 20 Hours ECE and Parent Payment)
-The purchase price of your home or weekly rent
-Any accommodation supplement that you receive
The variable standard cost and administration expense are included in this app and are updated when received from Inland Revenue each year – generally around April/May – which gives you plenty of time to prepare your self-employed tax return for July 7th.
Once the calculations have been done using this app, you can transfer the information to the IR3 form (or complete on the IRD website) then send it to Inland Revenue Department and your tax will be done for the year. Any further questions, ask PAUA (or your Home-based Early Childhood Service provider).
NOTE: An update will be provided for the 2013 financial year as soon as the information becomes available from IRD.